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Straight from our herd this tallow comes from our grass/kelp fed and finished beef.  I personally harvest the leaf fat, render and blend this cream.  It's absolutely the real deal.  

Why Tallow?  It's a natural moisturizer rich in fatty acids similar to the oils produced by our skin.  Those fatty acids can help strengthen skin's natural barrier, which protects from environment damage, and locks in moisturizer.  

Tallow contains vitamins A,D, E, and K.  These nutrients help skin health and promote cell regeneration.   It has anti-inflammatory properties helping soothe irritated or inflamed skin conditions.  

Tallow Cream 8oz

SKU: 364215375135191
  • This product is not refundable.  Please contact Kelli if you need further assistance. 

  • This product is shipping from Alaska.  Please have patience with us as we fulfill your order. 

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