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Woody Island Beef

Regenerate Farming

Free of Hormones & Antibiotics
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Kodiak Baptist Mission integrated cattle back to Woody Island nearly 11 years ago, which has produced a striking transformation to the island. The manure fertilizes the land helping to regenerate growth and bring new life.

Wildflowers once again decorate the landscape and the overgrown fields are neatly manicured from grazing. Woody Island has proven to provide all the resources need to produce a renewable, sustainable protein source


Responsibly Managed

Kodiak Baptist Mission owns this cattle herd and it is managed by Johnny Walker and Kelli Foreman, both Kodiak residents who fill their freezers and feed their families with this meat.

When the weather shifts and a winter storm is on the way they load up in their marine tractor and supplement the cattle with hay and cow cakes to keep their internal engines running hot.

The Grass-Fed, Free Range Difference

This Kodiak hearty beef animal was born, raised, and harvested on Woody Island. With no predators, ample wooded shelter, fresh water, wide open native grass spaces and beaches filled with bull kelp these cattle go beyond organic to a premium product with exceptional health benefits.

Woody Island Beef

How Woody Island Beef Weights Out

700 pound beef = 400 pound carcass weight
= 240 pounds packaged beef (Approximation)


One Field Dresses Carcass



Kodiak Baptist Mission works with a custom butcher who is available to help buyers cut and package meat

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